Dog Adoption – Water Safety Tips for Your Dog

If you have a pool or frequent the beach and go through with a dog adoption in National City, there is a good chance you will want to take a swim with your dog once he warms up to you. Most dogs love to play and even swim. This is more so during summertime. All in all, it is important that you always keep your dog safe and cool when playing in the water to avoid issues like poisoning and heat stroke. Below are vital water safety tips you need to use when playing with your dog in or near water.

Not all dogs can swim

This is the first point you need to understand. If you want a dog that can swim, this is something you need to consider when considering a puppy adoption. While some breeds like the Golden retrievers and Labradors instinctively swim, many breeds cannot just jump in the water and swim. You have to teach your dog how to swim. Never assume that your dog can swim. There are also dogs that hate and even fear water. Never force your dog to get in the water. Trying getting him in the pool by coaxing him with toys but if he is uninterested don’t force him.

You also need to take it slowly when introducing your dog to water. Start with shallow bodies of water in which the dog can easily wade. Gradually progress to pools before taking your dog to the lake or ocean. Always supervise him at all times when he is in water.

Get a dog life jacket

A doggie life jacket will be a great investment when teaching your dog how to swim. This is one of the things you should buy after a dog rescue in National City if you plan on going swimming with your dog. Your dog should also wear a life jacket when on rafts, boats, kayaks and canoes. As a matter of fact, for added safety you need to put his life jacket on whenever he is near large bodies of water. In case your dog falls in water, a life jacket will make it easy for you to grab him.

Watch what he drinks

It is obvious that your dog will drink some water by accident. Small amounts of water are not a problem. However, to discourage him from drinking the dirty water, you should have plenty of clean water available and encourage him to drink it. After swimming you should watch for signs of illness. Contact your vet if you have any concern.

Have strong recall

Last but not least, since your dog will be off leash, you need a strong recall. When you call him back for any reason he should be able to respond. This is the key reason why you should not take an untrained puppy to the pool. Start training your dog immediately after a puppy rescue.

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