How to Get Your Dog Ready for a New Baby

dog adoptionSome people consider a dog adoption in National City to see if they can be great parents.  But what happens when you finally have a baby? Do you kick the dog out? The answer to these two questions is definitely no. All you need to do is help your dog adjust to a new baby. There are a couple of things you can do when preparing your dog for a new baby. The preparation should be done before the baby arrives.

Obedience training

The first step when preparing your dog for a new baby is obviously to refresh obedience training. Your dog should know the basic obedience commands. That way it will be much easier for you to manage him. Make sure you dog is able to understand and do what you tell him. That way you will make your life easier once the newborn arrives. The case applies when going with a puppy adoption. Just because yours is a puppy doesn’t mean he will be good with babies. You have to train him well in advance.

Correct behavioral issues

Now is the best time for you to work on any behavioral issue that your dog may have. There are so many behavior issues that can not only annoy but also harm a newborn baby. These include barking and destructive behaviors like chewing, jumping up and so on. These are not issues that are corrected overnight. You need to start correcting them now. Don’t hesitate to call in a dog trainer. This is more so if you went with a troubled dog in a dog rescue in National City.

Crate training

Every dog will benefit from crate training. A crate will give your dog a safe place to call his own. Once the baby arrives, he may enjoy a place of his own to escape from the baby for a couple of minutes every day. The crate will also give you a great place to confine your dog when you need to restrict his movement. You should, however, remember that you should never leave your dog in a crate for more than a few hours.

Change routines

When the baby comes things will start changing. If everything changes all at once the dog will be confused. That is why you need to gradually start changing his routine now. Make small changes such as changing the location of his bed and food bowl. The idea is to help him adapt in advance.

Socialize him with babies

There is a good chance your dog has never been around babies since the puppy rescue. Now is the best time to socialize him with babies. This is more so when you consider the new things that will come with a new baby including new sounds, smells, changes to the daily routine and sharing attention. You need to help your dog get used to the smells and noises now. Don’t forget to taper off the attention too.

When properly socialized, your dog and baby will be best friends. You just need to make sure that the dog is set for the new addition to the family.

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