Questions to Ask in an Animal Shelter before Adopting

If you are considering a dog adoption in National City there are a number of considerations you need to make. The worst mistake you can ever make is that of adopting a dog just for the sake of getting one. The truth is not every dog out there will be ideal for you. Your lifestyle will determine the kind of dog you end up taking home. Here are a few questions you should ask in an animal shelter before proceeding with an adoption.

What is the history of the dog?

You want to know more about a dog before you take him home. If you are considering a puppy adoption you need to ask questions about his mother. Where did the dog come from and has he ever lived in a home? Does the dog have any known history of neglect, abuse or trauma? Where has the dog been since the organization took him in. The more information you have about a dog the easier it will be for you to determine if he is a good fit for you or not.

What is his health history?

This is yet another important question you need to ask. You don’t want to bring home a terminally ill dog, would you? You need to ask questions on if the dog has been spayed or neutered, if has any known health problem, if he is on any medication, if he needs a special diet and if he has been vaccinated. In addition to that you need to learn more about the history of the dog breed. Some breeds are predisposed to certain health issues. It is only by researching the dog breed that you will get more information about a dog especially when considering a dog rescue in National City.

What is his behavior?

The temperament of a dog matters a lot when deciding on the dog to bring home. There are also learned behaviors you need to be aware of. Get to know if the dog has been house trained, crate trained, properly socialized, has any behavioral issue and if he needs to be trained. The team in the animal shelter will have the information you need to learn more about the behavior of a dog before adopting.

Does he have special needs?

Last but not least you need to know if the dog has any special needs. With a puppy rescue you will not get a lot of information here but with an adult dog you will get a list of all the special needs that the dog has.

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