Reasons Why People Hate Your Dog

After a dog adoption in National City, the last thing you want to happen is for people to hate your dog. Your dog is more like your child and you want him to be loved by everyone. But people don’t love dogs will not warm up to him. However, if you are noticing that even dog lovers hate him, there is a good chance you or your dog is doing one or more of the following things.

You don’t pick up after your dog

There is nothing more disgusting that stepping in a dog’s poop. If you don’t respect your neighbors and fail to pick up after your dog, they will automatically end up hating your dog. Scooping up your dog’s poop is simple and is something you should start doing immediately after a puppy adoption. Keep the community clean. Always carry poop bags with you when taking your dog for a walk too. You can also invest in a poop bag holder that attaches to the leash of your dog. That way you will have bags in handy to pick up after your dog.

He barks excessively

Nobody loves a loud dog. If your dog is always barking especially in the middle of the night or waking the neighbors up first thing in the morning, your neighbors will definitely hate him. Immediately after dog rescue in National City, you should start teaching your dog basic commands. When you tell him to keep quiet he should respond. You also need to make sure that the barking is not being caused by an underlying health problem. In addition to that, proper socialization will keep your dog from barking at anything. The solution to stopping your dog from barking is training properly.

You lack control over your dog

It is frustrating to watch someone struggle with a disruptive dog. It is worse to deal with someone else’s unruly dog. Again you will need to train your dog properly. A disruptive dog is unattractive. It is annoying, uncomfortable to be around and can easily get someone hurt. If you don’t want people to hate you dog, you need to train him properly. Start by having verbal control of the dog and always put him on a leash. Letting your dog roam off-leash is another reason why people might hate your dog.

Destroys property

Does your dog destroy property? If he does then there is a good chance that people will hate him. Destructive behavior includes chewing of furniture, shoes and other items. There are also dogs that will dig up the flower beds and gardens. These behavioral issues start early and you may notice the issues even after a puppy rescue. The sooner you correct these behavioral issues the better.

Bringing your dog to inappropriate places, allowing him to get in the space of people and you not taking responsibility for your dog’s mistakes are other reasons why people hate your dog. The good news is that proper training can help solve most dog issues.

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