Why Dogs Fight and How to Stop the Fight

After a dog adoption in National City one of the things you will have to deal with is dog fights. This is more so if you have more than one dog in your house. The first point you need to understand, however, is that dog play often looks like fights. This is because dogs tend to bite and wrestle. Yes this is not easy to distinguish for the untrained eye but the noise they make will give you some idea. So, why do dogs fight?

Why Dogs Fight

There are so many reasons why dogs fight. Here are the main reasons:

  • Most of the fights are territorial. Such fight will happen after a new puppy adoption or when a strange dog gets into the yard.
  • Urge to protect the pack, food, and other prized possessions.
  • When friendly play goes too far and a fight breaks out. This is common when there are more than two dogs involved.
  • Redirected aggression. This is common among dogs that live together. When one dog doesn’t get something he might be frustrated and take it out on the other dog.
  • Some dogs don’t get along. Some dogs are naturally aggressive.

There are many more reasons why dogs fight. The above list is not exhaustive. But now that you know why dogs fight, what should you do to stop the fights without getting yourself in harm’s way?

Remain calm

Regardless of how serious the fight seems you need to remain calm. Don’t yell at the dogs or to other people unless you are calling for help. You need to relax and focus on the issue at hand. Advise everyone around to be calm too.

Clear the scene

You need to remove kids and other people from the scene. It is best if only the owner is around. Make sure other people are in a safe distance.

Spray them

Spraying water on the dog’s head can help break the fight. Vinegar or citronella spray works better than plain water. This is because dogs dislike the smell of vinegar and citronella. It is thus a good idea after a dog rescue in National City to have a water spray in hand in case the dogs start fighting. Pepper spray is not a good choice as it may agitate the dogs further. CO2 fire extinguishers will also breakup a fight.

Make noise

Making a lot of noise will distract the dogs. You can use the car horn, a loud alarm or a loud slamming door. The noise can snap fighting dogs out.

Throwing a blanket over the dog can momentarily break their focus and help stop the fight. When push comes to shove you will have to separate the dogs physically by approaching them slowly from behind and each person firmly grabbing hold of the back legs of respective dog and walking backwards. Learning how to break a dog fight is something you should start learning as soon as you go through with a puppy rescue. He will grow up within a few months and you need to be prepared for the worst.

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