Why Dogs Run Away

Are you considering a dog adoption in National City? If yes you have to be prepared for the fact that your new dog may want to run away. This is a very common issue new dog owners get to deal with. You probably have seen some videos online of a dog owner chasing after his dog. But why does this happen? This is what this article is here to cover.


The main reason why most dogs run away is because they are bored. If you leave your dog in the yard with nothing to do he will find a way to get out. If they manage to get out of the yard they will take themselves out on a little walk. Providing your dog with sufficient exercise is something you must be committed to doing immediately after a puppy adoption. Sufficient exercises will shed the excess natural energy that your dog has and also prevent a wide range of behavioral issues. Supervising your dog and giving him chew toys will also prevent boredom.

Searching for a mate

If your dog is unaltered then you can expect to keep chasing him in the neighborhood as he searches for love. Even so, neutering him will not guarantee that he will not wander. If your dog can smell a female nearby especially when she is in heat he will make every effort to meet her. Females in heat will also escape to find a suitor. Spaying your female dog and neutering your male dog will help reduce this issue. In a dog rescue in National City you should always go for spayed or neutered dogs.

He is on a hunt

Dogs love to chase down cars, bunnies, squirrels and other prey items. This is common in pre-driven breeds such as Huskies. Supervising your dog or keeping him on a leash is the key to avoiding this issue. You also need to improve your fence to keep him from escaping to chase an animal.

He is scared

When scared even the best-behaved dogs will try and escape. The issue is common in summer when there are thunderstorms or fireworks. Terrifying sounds will scare him. The bad news is that there is no level of socialization that will help with all the scary sounds. You just need to supervise him and soothe him when in fear.

Whether you are going for an adult or puppy rescue you have to be prepared for the fact that he might try and escape. The best thing you can do is socialize him as much as you can and never leave him for long unattended.

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